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Tonongayato Teien is a large garden in Kokubunji City of Tokyo, Japan. A unique place, the garden incorporates great characteristics of a garden and a park with plenty of area for roaming and activity centers for children, such as the playground. Trees, plants, water, and specially designed pathways all contribute the gardens popularity among citizens and travelers.



In early 1915, the garden was primarily the home of a famous vice president of the Manchuria Railroad by the name of Sadamine Eguchi. In need of a nice place to entertain, the gardens were enhanced and made into more organized zones which still play a large roll in today’s layout of the garden.

By 1929 the garden was passed onto the Iwasaki family who turned it into their private villa. This functioned as their most prized land and soon become quite popular for large scale gatherings and confidential meetings.

Finally, in 1974 the Tokyo government made an offer to the Iwasaki family and it was accepted. At this time the garden was slightly altered and made public as a historical grounds garden that still features many of its original structures and characteristics.

Things to See

  • Clock Tower A clock tower was put up in the garden well before it was presented as a public facility therefore holds great historic value in the area. Specially designed to fit the unique traditional Japanese style of the garden, this clock tower is greatly cared for to help improve its ability to stand firm as an original piece to the large relaxation space.
  • Children’s Playground A surprise to many guests, the garden includes children in the natural setting with a large area for free play and a highly regarded playground equipped with all the latest and greatest features. This area is situated a distance from the actual paths allowing the visitors of the garden a silent getaway and limiting the noise in the area.
  • Water in the Garden There are several ponds including a nicely placed waterfall that gives a peaceful feeling in the garden. This waterfall is manmade however the natural look would suggest it is natural.


Tonogayato Teien is accessible traveling the JR Chuo Line, Seibu Kokubunji Line, or Seibu Tamako Line to Kokubunji Station. From the station the park is situated 2 minutes walking distance.


Mimamimachi 2-16, Kokubunji city, Tokyo 185-0021

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