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Kokubunji is a city of Tokyo, Japan located near the center of the Tokyo Metropolis. With a mild population of approximately 115,459 reported to be residing in the 11.48km area in 2003; the city has done well in maintaining a comfortable living atmosphere.

Residential and multi-family housing has taken over the cities industries. While there are a few small factories the city is mainly housing residents and farmland. This has led to many hard times in the economy, but recent developments in agriculture and reorganization of the land has left the city flourishing.

History of Kokubunji

The city of Kokubunji has been fortunate enough to uncover a long lost part of its history taken place in prehistoric times. Artifacts created out of stone with traditional etching have been found scattered throughout the city.

From early years in the 1200’s to late years of the 1800's Kokubunji was actually nothing more than a village of the 10 smaller villages. Its central location made for easy transportation to other cities which were the primary purpose of the villages.

The city was finally established as a city of Tokyo, Japan in 1964.

Points of Interest

The city of Kokubunji is filled with community centers which offer events almost every weekend. This has served as the cities primary tourist attraction. Special events, popular around the world, are held in the centers. The design and structure of each facility has been preplanned to represent various aspects of the Japanese culture.

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