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The Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) is a twice annual Tokyo fashion event first launched in 2005. The event’s purpose is to highlight the newest and most fashionable street wear being produced by Japanese labels and brands, with some of the nation’s most famous models brought in to present them. The event is unique in that it is open to journalists and buyers as well as the general public and includes a wide array of alternate entertainment such as concerts and auctions.

The event has been broadcast since its inception by the company that runs it,, through cell phones and via the Internet. Another unique aspect of the show is that the products being promoted by the fashion models are almost always available for immediate purchase at the show.

Venues for the Show

The TGC has been held mostly in Tokyo, but in 2007 was held in both Yokohama and Saitama as the promoters attempted to expand its reach to a wider base audience. Here is a list of the venue locations for all 6 shows held thus far.

  • 2nd TGC – 2006 Spring/Summer – March 11, 2006, Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 3rd TGC – 2006 Autumn/Winter – September 3, 2006, Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 4th TGC – 2007 Spring/Sumer – March 3, 2007, Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan.
    • Brands Included: MAISON GILFY, CECIL McBEE, SWORD FISH, LIP SERVICE, DELYLE, RADEESSE, LITIRA, Ravijour, Apuweiser-riche, L'EST ROSE, JAYRO, VIERGE, UNIVERVAL MUSE, Private Label, alicias, gMALOUSE, Jolly Boutique, DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING, Kai Lani, ALBA ROSA, Rich, Joias, HbG, rienda, Noble Birth
  • 5th TGC – 2007 Autumn/Winter – September 2, 2007, Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan.
  • 6th TGC – 2008 Spring/Summer – March 15, 2008, Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan.
    • Brands Included: ALBA ROSA, blondy, Cecil Linc, CECIL McBEE, deicy, DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING, Fabulous CECIL McBEE, HbG, Jolly Boutique, kitson, LITIRA, Luv.Ronde, MARS, Me, Palms&Labskie, Ravijour, Smork by Language, snidel, Spiral Girl, swanky, SWORD FISH, titty & Co., VIVAYOU

2008 Show Information

The Spring/Summer 2008 Tokyo Girls Collection returned to Tokyo for the first time in a year and a half and saw more than 20,000 girls attend. The entry fee was ¥3,000 for standard entry, ¥5,000 for a seat in the stands, and ¥10,000 for a VIP seat near the stage. All general admission tickets buy open seating on the floor. Each of the 18 brands that participated in the show were given 5 minutes to show their wares on a 45 foot catwalk in the midst of the stadium.

Additional events at the show included concerts by Funky Monkey Babys and Chemisty as well as appearances by comedians such as Shizu-chan and members of the boy band group V6.

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