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The Brilliant Green was formed in Kyoto in 1995 by Ryo Matsui and Shunsaku Oda, who brought in Tomoko Kawase (Tommy) after seeing her perform at a local bar. Okuda composes the majority of the band's music. They are heavily influenced by Western music and over half their songs have English lyrics.

After interest in their demo tape in 1997, they signed with Sony and released their debut maxi single Bye Bye Mr. Mug. They gained success with their third single, There Will Be Love There, released in 1998, which went to number one, and was featured in the television drama Love Again. 1998 also saw the release of the band's first album, which sold over one million copies in two days. Their first national tour sold out across Japan in only three minutes.

In 2001, Kawase debuted as a solo artist under the name of Tommy february6 and later Tommy heavenly6. Since the release of THE WINTER ALBUM in 2002, all of the band members have moved on to solo projects but the group has not officially broken up. Ryo has also started a new band named meister.



The Brilliant Green earned a spot in Time Magazine's 10 Best Bands in Planet Earth.

Kawase and Okuda married in November 2003.


  • Vocals: Tomoko Kawase
  • Guitar: Ryo Matsui
  • Bass/Guitar: Shunsaku Okuda



  • BYE BYE MR. MUG (1997)
  • Goodbye and Good Luck (1997)
  • There will be love there -Ai no aru Basho- (1998)
  • Tsumetai Hana (1998)
  • sono speed de (1999)
  • Nagai Tameiki no Youni (1999)
  • CALL MY NAME (1999)
  • BYE! MY BOY! (1999)
  • Ai no Ai no Hoshi (2000)
  • Hello Another Way -Sorezore no Basho- (2000)
  • Angel Song -Eve no Kane- (2000)
  • Forever to me -Owarinaki Kanashimi- (2002)
  • Rainy days never stays (2002)
  • I'M SO SORRY BABY (2002)


  • The Brilliant Green (1998)
  • TERRA 2001 (1999)
  • Los Angeles (2001)

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