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Takiyama Park is located in the Hachioji Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The parks primary focus is to serve the city with proper recreational facilities and increase awareness of the historic value of the land. Increasing the parks popularity, it currently stands in the larger Tokyo Metropolitan Takiyama Natural Park.



The area now known as Takiyama Park was once the official castle grounds of a great ruler in the Meiji Period. At this time the castle called Takiyama Castle was contructed and great gardens were created to surround it.

Takiyama Castle was abandoned in the early 1900’s but then were almost completely destroyed in the war. Burned beyond recognition the remains were left alone until the late 1960’s. In the 1960’s the remains were cleaned up and the park was officially opened to the public as Takiyama Park.

Things to See

  • Takiyama Castle Ruins The Takiyama Castle ruins stand on the parks grounds serving as a valuable part of the cities history. While there is very little left of the castle, it still gives viewers a chance to understand and view what was once a very significant spot.
  • Takiyama Park Hiking Trails Many hiking trails are scattered throughout the park giving visitors a chance to enjoy nature while also getting much needed exercise. Each trail is perfectly done and features well landscaped surroundings.


Takiyama Park is accessible using the JR Chuo Line traveling to Hachioji Station. Once reaching the station you take the Nishi-tokyo Bus to Takiyama-jyosi sita Bus Stop. The bus stop is located 15 minutes walking distance from the park.

Contact by Phone

Komiya Park Service Center (0426-23-1615)

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