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Nishitokyo is a city of Tokyo, Japan located in the northern territory. Only 6 years old, the city is still currently making changes to its government policies as it encourages the ongoing participation of its residents in defining the primary goals for the future. The most recent publishing of the population was in 2003 when there were approximately 185,078 people in the city. Since this time there have been major changes and the population is reported to have gone up substantially.

The popularity of Nishitokyo city has risen greatly over the last 5 years leaving the area well populated. Aside from Japanese residents, the total of foreign citizens has doubled in the last few years causing many concerns on making the city valuable to both Japanese and foreign people. To work towards addressing the issue, Nishitokyo’s mayor has put several plans into action calling for better understanding of all culture in the city.

Being a relatively new city, Nishitokyo has not yet established a solid industry however the economy does thrive on agriculture and science. While these are the primary industries at this time, a better modernized plan for broadening the economy using technology related industries is currently underway.

History of Nishitokyo

The city of Nishitokyo was officially established in January of 2001. This took place as two cities, Hoya and Tanashi, came together to form one, Nishitokyo.

Points of Interest

  • Tamarokuto Kagakukan The Tamarokuto Science Center is a popular tourist attraction in the city of Nishitokyo as it is home to one of the largest planetariums in the entire world. The primary focus of the museum is space and all the true science that comes with it. Residents and tourists highly recommend this attraction.

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