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Syrup16g is a rock band from Tokyo. They are frequently compared to Radiohead, and sometimes cover Radiohead songs at their concerts.

Takashi Igarashi and Nakahata Daiki formed the band in 1993 under the name of Swims after they met at a vocational school in Sendai. The following year, Motoaki Satou and a short-lived vocalist joined them. In 1996, the vocalist left and Igarashi joined. They changed their name to Syrup16g and began recording.

After the release of a demo EP in 1998, the band built a name for themselves in the Sendai indie scene. They became a major band after gaining a contract with Daizawa Records in 2001. Tours with Art-School Condor44 followed, and in 2002, the band went on their first nationwide tour. Shortly after the release of Coup D'etat, Satou left and was replaced by Kitada Maki.

Syrup16g continued to tour heavily and release albums over the next couple of years. In 2006, they scaled down their touring schedule to accommodate the members' side projects. Rumours have arisen that Syrup16g is nearing its end, but no official announcement has been made.


  • Vocals: Takashi Igarashi
  • Drums: Taiku Nakahata
  • Makou Kitada
  • Bass: Motoaki Satou (left 2002)
  • Bass: Kitada Maki (from 2002)



  • Purple Mukade (2003)
  • My Song (2003)
  • Real (2004)
  • Uoza (2004)
  • I.N.M. (2004)


  • Free Throw (1999)
  • COPY (2001)
  • coup d'Etat (2002)
  • delayed (2002)
  • HELLā€SEE (2003)
  • Mouth to Mouse (2004)
  • delayedead (2004)

Videos and DVDs

  • Chishi 10.10 (2005)
  • Daimas no Nikki Special no Nikki (2006)

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