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Supercar (スーパーカー) were a popular experimental Japanese pop/rock/electronica band. The band was formed in 1995 and ended in 2005. They started out playing rock music, but as the band evolved, they added more electronica elements.

Supercar signed to Sony Records in 1997. Their popularity increased dramatically after the release of their second album "Jump Up" in 1999. Their final album "Answer" was released in 2004 and the band broke up in 2005.

The band's music has been used in the popular Japanese movie Ping Pong as well as the popular Japanese anime series Eureka 7.


Supercar Members

Supercar Discography

Supercar Albums

  • Three Out Change (1998)
  • Jump Up (1999)
  • Ooyeah (1999)
  • Ookeah (1999)
  • Futurama (2000)
  • Highvision (2002)
  • Answer (2004)

Where Are They Now

  • Koji Nakamura - has several projects including Nyantora and iLL.
  • Miki Furukawa - released a solo album and singles.
  • Kodai Tazawa - recording with Boom Boom Satellites in 2007 and in 2006 he remixed a song on an Anna Tsuchiya EP.
  • Junji Ishiwatari - not known.

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