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Super Monkeys is best known for launching the career of Amuro Namie.

The group was formed by Makino Anna, Amuro Namie, Ameku Minako, Takushi Nanako, and Aragaki Hisako who were students of the Okinawa Actors School. They made their debut in 1992 with the single Koi no Cute Beat / Mister U.S.A. Super Monkeys became regulars on music television program, Pop Jam, as part of the dancing and singing troupe PJG.

When Makino left in 1992, they became known as Super Monkeys 4. As Amuro began to gain prominence with their fourth single, their name was again changed, to Amuro Namie with Super Monkey's. Aumuro became hugely popular amongst young girls, who dressed like her and followed her every move.

In 1994, Aragaki left and Miyauchi Reina and Matsuda Rina joined. After the single TRY ME ~Watashi wo Shinjite~ was successsful, the next two singles featured Amuro exclusively, with the other members as backup singers - they had already released a debut single as MAX. After Amuro’s second solo single, Chase the Chance, MAX stopped acting as backup to Amuro.

The group disbanded in 1995. In 2006, Amuro Namie arranged a renuion with Super Monkeys, which was attended by Makino Anna, Aragaki Hisako, and Ameku Minako.


  • Amuro Namie
  • Takushi Nanako
  • Ameku Minako
  • Miyauchi Reina
  • Matsuda Rina

Former Members

  • Makino Anna
  • Aragaki Hisako



  • Koi no Cute Beat / Mister U.S.A. (1992)
  • Dancing Junk (1993)
  • Aishite Mascot (1993)
  • Paradise Train (1994)
  • Try Me ~Watashi wo Shinjite~ (1995)
  • Taiyou no Season (1995)
  • Stop the music (1995)


  • Dance Tracks Vol.1 (1995)
  • Original Tracks Vol.1 (1996)
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