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Sug is a fIve member Japanese Visual Kei band who are signed to, Indie-PSC which is a division of the independent record label PC Company. Their bright visual fashion and merry pop sound stand out from other bands in the scene. The band was formed by Masato on guitar, Takeru on vocals and Yuji on guitar in October 2006. Mitsuru on drums joined the band in November 2006. Chiyu on bass joined the band in February in 2007.

Sug started touring Tokyo and outskirts of Tokyo in early 2007 and also touring all round Japan during summer. The band held first anniversary one man show in Meguro Roku Mei Kan in January 2008. Sug released three maxi singles, two mini albums and a Full album. The band is ready for release a new maxi single on April 15 in 2009.

The Movie Beat Rock ☆ Love to which Takeru performs as a vocalist in the band release at theaters in 2009 spring.

Mitsuru left Sug after their live on May 9, 2009. It is supposed that Mitsuru left citing creative differences to the remaining band members. Their support drummer at the time, Shinpei , became a full-time member of the band after Mitsuru's departure.

Following the announcement of their single "Gr8 Story," SuG announced their move onto major label PS Company during the live event called "SuG Fes 2009 Alternative POP Show ~ Vol.6" on November 30, 2009. "Gr8 Story" was released through Pony Canyon, and the title track was used as the ending song for the popular TV Tokyo anime Katekyōshi Hitman Reborn! According to the band, the song is "rather punkish", yet with a catchy tune and an "easy-listening appeal". Their second studio album and their first album through Pony Canyon, Tokyo Muzical Hotel, was released on March 9, 2010.


Sug Members

Former members: Shouta – bass (2006-2007) Mitsuru – drums (2006-2009)

SuG Discography


  • Scheat w/DVD (08.01.2007)
  • Alterna. w/DVD (09.05.2007)
  • Tricolour Color (Blue) (12.03.2008)
  • Tricolour Color (Red) (12.03.2008)
  • Tricolour Color (White) w/DVD (12.03.2008)
  • 39GalaxyZ (Limited A Type) w/DVD (04.15.2009)
  • 39GalaxyZ (Regular B Type) (04.15.2009)
  • Life 2Die (10.14.09)
  • Pink Masquerade (11.18.09)
  • Gr8 Story (01.27.10)
  • Dot.0 (03.10.10)
  • Koakuma Sparkling (06.30.10)
  • R.P.G.~Rockin' Playing Game (Autumn 2010)

Mini Albums

  • I SCREAM PARTY w/DVD (12.19.2007)
  • I SCREAM PARTY (Regular) (12.19.2007)
  • Punkitsch w/DVD (09.03.2008)
  • Punkitsch (Regular) (09.03.2008)


  • n0iZ stAr w/DVD (05.14.2008)
  • n0iZ stAr (Regular) (05.14.2008)
  • Tokyo Muzical Hotel (03.09.10)


  • CANNONBALL vol. 3 (02.21.2007)

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