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Skull Jeans is a brand of Japanese clothing specializing in denim.

The stylish look of today has been represented by many brands with Skull Jeans on the top of most popular lists. As the name would suggest, Skull Jeans focuses primarily on jeans for both men and women looking to stay on track with modern day trends. The types of styles include bush pants, bell bottoms, super slim, hip hang boot-cut, hip hang tight, traditional slim, low-rise, and many other styles less popular today but possibly the look of tomorrow. While the overall design of each pair of jeans is simple the quality, appearance, and overall structure of each piece has been designed to perfection. The idea behind each design is to create a fresh platform but allow the owner to represent their own unique look.

Skull Jeans has taken on a seemingly impossible task by creating a collection that works for both men and women. Still designing for each category individually, they have found great status in the fashion world for putting together a jean perfect for essentially anyone. To help you create your best look Skull Jeans also offers many accessories done in true Skull Jeans style. There are shoes, bags, underwear and trinket accessories such as pins, jewelry, hair ties, etc.


The company was established in June of 1994 by Yamazaki Hiroshi. The first company was called Fab Four after Hiroshi's love for the Beatles. Shortly thereafter, in 1995, the original brand Alchemist was founded. This company focused on accessories such as leather and silver jewelry at first. He founded this company on the concept that an Alchemist turns lead into gold so to can fashion be turned into money. In 1997 Alchemist developed the Skull Jeans Brand.

The logo of a skull found on all Skull Jeans products represents much more than a psychedelic graphic often used to symbolize death. The trademark of the skull is not to represent disease or curse, but a symbol of the bare bones needing to be dressed up by creative minds.

You can find Skull Jean shops in only 3 location in Japan; Tokyo, Harajuku, Osaka. The only overseas outlets are in Singapore and Barcelona, Spain. There is no information released on when the company is planning on expanding abroad. The quickest and easiest way to shop is currently online.

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