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Sharan Q (translated as "Revolution Q" or "Plain Gauze Rebellion Q") is officially spelled Sharam Q, is a pop-rock band.

The band was formed in 1988 and debuted with the single 18kagetsu in 1992. It wasn’t until their fourth single, Jokyo Monogatari, that the band broke into the top fifty of the Oricon charts.

The single Single Bed made into the top ten, and the follow up single, Zurui Onna Zurui Onna is the 84th best-selling single of all time in Japan.

In 1997, the band held an audition on the show ASAYAN to find a new female vocalist, won by Michiyo Heike. As her single didn’t do well, the runners up Yuko Nakazawa, Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Aya Ishiguro, and Asuka Fukuda took up Tsunku's offer to form a group he would produce if they could sell 50,000 copies of their independent single Ai no Tane in five days, which they succeeded in doing.

In 2000, after the release of Shin RAMEN Daisuki Koike-san no Uta, the band went on hiatus. Tsunku focused on establishing Morning Musume's career and the formation of Hello! Project.

Towards the end of 2006 and into 2007, Hakate, Makoto, and Taisei frequently appeared on the music show Uta Doki! playing support to a guest vocalist.

Sharan Q became active again in 2006 when they released the single Aruiteru, which was originally written by Tsunku for Morning Musume, who debuted their recording two weeks before Sharan Q's.


  • Vocals: Tsunku (Mitsuo Terada)
  • Guitar: Hatake
  • Drums: Makoto
  • Keyboards: Taisei (until 2006)



  • 18 ka Getsu (1992)
  • Tottemo Merry-Go-Round (1993)
  • Tomodachi wa Imasu ka (1993)
  • Joukyou Monogatari (1994)
  • Koi wo Suru Dake Muda Nante (1994)
  • Single Bed (1994)
  • Zurui Onna (1995)
  • Sora wo Mina yo (1995)
  • My Babe (1995)
  • Iiwake (1996)
  • Namida no Kage (1996)
  • NICE BOY! (1996)
  • Sonna Mon Darou (1997)
  • Powersong (1997)
  • Tokai no Melody (1998)
  • Tameiki (1998)
  • Just on my Love (1998)
  • Kimi wa Majutsushi? (1999)
  • Shin Ramen Daisuki Koike-san no Uta (2000)
  • Aruiteru (2006)


  • Sakuretsu! Henachoco Punch (1992)
  • Urekko e no Michi, Joutai Naka (1993)
  • Lost Time (1994)
  • Rettoukan (1994)
  • Shoubushi (Gambler) (1995)
  • Single Best 10 Omaketsuki (1996)
  • GOLDEN Q (1996)
  • Sharam Q no Enka no Hanamichi Original Soundtrack (1997)
  • Kodoku (1998)
  • Sharam Q Best Album Omaketsuki '96-'99 (1999)
  • BEST OF HISTORY (2001)

Videos and DVDs

  • Live Live Live (2006)

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Although they just recently broke up, Sharan Q had been around for over a decade. Their music was a combination of rock, pop, with a little funk thrown in for good measure. Known as much for thier style and clothing as their music, Sharan Q's members often performed in some outrageous looking outfits.

Thier song Iiwake (Excuse) was the theme song for the dorama titled "Age 35". It was probably the first JPop song that I ever heard, and I really liked it a lot. That was how I was introduced to the band as well as the world of J-Pop. So, this group has a bit of nostalgia related to them for me.

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