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Sayama Sakai Green Road runs from Higashiyamato City to Hoya City both found in the Tokyo area of Japan. Built years ago to serve as a general walking path, the road functions today much like it did almost 100 years ago. The total length of the road is approximately 10km.



Sayama Sakai Green Road was constructed after a water fertilizing plant was formed. The main reason for the road was to provide a relaxing walk between cities and give even greater value by adding more greenery.

Things to See

  • Lake Sayamako Sayama Sakai Green Road actually begins at the prized Lake Sayamako of Higashiyamato City. Medium in size, the lake provides water to Sakai Water Purification Plant which runs through pipes located under the green road.
  • Jogging and Biking Paths To bring even more functionality to the scene there have been paths placed right beside the road specially designed for bikers and joggers. These paths are well formed and maintained year round to ensure safe travels during a workout.


Sayama Sakai Green Road is accessible traveling the Seibu Tamako Line to Musashi Yamato Station, Yasaka Station, or Hagiyama Station or the Seibu Shinjyuku Line to Kodaira Station or Hanakoganei Station. The road is located very close to all of the above stations.

Contact by Phone

Higashimurayama Chuo Park Service Center (0423-92-7322)

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