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Sakuragaoka Park is an enormous park located in Tama City of Tokyo, Japan. Many first-class features have helped to increase the parks popularity as it is now one of the most familiar parks in all of Japan.

Sakuragaoka Park is actually a large area inside the Tama Kyuryo National Park. Being a part of such a well-known facility in Japan has created a great popularity among residents. Tourists are also welcomed at the park with several village-style developments which feature cabins for guests and campers.



Sakuragaoka Park was created in the late 1900’s to increase the levels of greenery in Tama City. Many residents and officials were concerned about the environment and felt that more greenery and parks would make their city more inviting. As it turns out, they were right and the city is now known for having one of the best kept parks in Japan.

Things to See

  • Tama Seiki Memorial Hall The Tama Seiki Memorial Hall is basically a museum representing the history of the Tama area. Special pieces dating back over 300 years ago are displayed in many Japanese style display cases. You can also read and learn about the founders, followers, and lead players in the development of the Tokyo area.
  • Greenery of Sakuragaoka Park Perhaps one of the greatest and most respected features of all in Sakuragaoka Park, the greenery is very boldly colored as it is maintained by several gardeners every day. Each part has been landscaped to show off true authentic Japanese style while also reflecting the role European gardens play in traditional gardens.


Sakuragaoka Park is accessible traveling the Keio Line to Seiseki Sakuragaoka Station, then taking the Keio Bus to Kinennkan Mae Bus Stop. The park is an estimated 1 minute walk from the stop.

Contact by Phone

Sakuragaoka Park Service Center (042-375-1240)

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