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Ryonusuke Aoyagi is a Japanese Fashion Designer and the lead behind the popular fashion label, Ylang Ylang. His work, which has been categorized as both inventive and at times shallow hits on many different spectrums of the topics on which he focuses from the very basic concepts of a style to the more stereotyped aspects of a culture from which he draws his inspiration.



Ryunosuke Aoyagi was born in 1976 in Osaka, Japan and attended the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo Japan. After graduating in 1997, he started working for Asty Inc., the company behind Ylang Ylang, which launched one year later in February of 1998. Aoyagi quickly became the brand’s lead designer, going on to become a major player in the Tokyo fashion industry. A second line of menswear was added in 2005.

Clothing Style

With a specialty focused on feminine styles and European cuts of clothing, Ylang Ylang often draws its inspirations from specific cultures, developing a series of specifically designed clothing collections that speak to certain eras. From Eastern European cuts and hats to the most simplistic interpretations of 1960s Hong Kong, Aoyagi has explored many different methods in which fashion has touched different eras of various cultures. His work has thus been greatly lauded and criticized in turn depending on the year and the style of the work.

Where to Buy

Ryunosuke Aoyagi’s clothing can be purchased from a number of Tokyo area department stores including Parco, Seibu, and Shibuya 109. The clothing is also available online through various importing shops.

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