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RENTRER EN SOI is a visual kei whose name can be translated from the French as "to return in oneself." The band was formed in 2001 with four members, Satsuki, Takumi, Ryo, and Ao. They were joined by drummer Mika in 2003. Ao left the group in 2004 and was replaced almost immediately by Shun.

In their early days, the band dressed in clothes with a medieval theme, although their outfits often changed as time went on. During their first two years, the band released a few demo tapes only available at their live concerts. In 2003, they caught the attention of Yukari, ex vocalist of the band Baiser who was now focussing on producing bands. This collaboration resulted in the mini album Yurikago, distributed by the label Free Will. The band’s popularity increased and shortly after a sell out concert on the day of Yurikago’s release, Ao left.

A DVD followed and shortly after, they released the single Wither and their first full length album Sphire Croid. A change in style was accompanied by a change in name, to RENTRER EN SOI, all in capitals.


  • Vocals: Satsuki
  • Guitar: Takumi
  • Guitar: Shun
  • Bass: Ryo
  • Drums: Mika (from 2003)
  • Guitar: Ao



  • Hitsuu kizuato (2002)
  • Ichigo OBLATE (2003)
  • Shinwa - (2003)
  • Hoshikuzu no rasen-ReSpirial- (2003)
  • Hamon tsutau memai (2003)
  • Secret Strawberry Garden (2004)
  • Wither (2004)
  • Zenkeiiro kusari Hateru Ima, Yuuitsu... (2005)
  • Mizu Yumemiru Chouchou (2005)
  • PROTOPLASM (2006)
  • Karasu Iro no Taiji (2006)
  • I hate myself and want to... (2006)
  • Misshitsu to kodoku ni doku sareta yuutsu (2006)


  • RENTRER EN SOI (2006)
  • Astre no Ito (2005)
  • Kein no Hitsugi (2005)
  • Sphire-Croid (2005)
  • Yurikago (2004)


  • Cinema Cradle (2004)

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