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Radwimps’ name is a combination of the words “radical” and wimp,” and means “excellent weakling” or “superlative coward.” They combine a number of different styles in their music, ranging from melodic choruses to a more funky style.

The band was formed by Youzirou Noda in 2001 and first performed live in February 2002. In the summer of 2002, Radwimps won the Yokahoma High School Music Festival prize. The band’s activities ceased during the summer of 2002 while Noda was taking exams. In 2004, after Noda had gained his degree, Radwimps returned and the band’s membership changed to its present day lineup.


  • Vocals/Guitar: Youzirou Noda
  • Guitar: Akira Kuwahara
  • Bass: Takeda Yuusuke
  • Drums: Yamaguchi Satoshi



“” (2003)

  • To the [tsu] paragraph [yu] it is/dearly (it is not) (2005)
  • Chromosome of 25 [ko] eyes (2005)
  • The [ideipi] ~ flying, your ~ of the summer when it enters into fire (2006)
  • Every cover [ri] (2006)
  • Centered theory (2006)
  • [setsunarensa] (2006)


  • Radwimps (2003)
  • Radwimps: Developmental Way (2005)
  • One ~ which is forgotten to carry to the RADWIMPS3~ unmanned island (2006)
  • Boiled rice ~ of RADWIMPS 4 ~ not putting (2006)


  • RADWIMPS4.5 (2007)

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