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Polysics are a Japanese new wave/synthpop band from Tokyo, who call their style "technicolor pogo punk." Their mixture of punk and pop is heavily inspired by the American bands Devo and The Tubes, and Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra. Their song lyrics consist of Japanese, English, or their own space language. The band has been noted for their energetic live performances and their gimmicky outfits. They usually wear jumpsuits, similar to the outfits worn by Devo.

The band formed in Tokyo 1997 when Hayashi, inspired by Devo, began making music under the name Polysics shortly after leaving school. The members of the band changed frequently and eventually Hayashi asked his school friend Kayo to join in 1998. Yano became a band member after winning an audition. Just after the release of 1st P their bassist, known only as POLY-2, left. The band dropped the "POLY-X" names, and reduced to a trio, with Fumi on bass support on some of the tracks from Neu. Fumi officially joined in 2001. Junichi Segai, Polysics’ original drummer left in 2003 after recording the Kaja Kaja Goo EP, and was replaced by Ishimaru from the band Snail Ramp. In 2004, at the end of the band’s coast to coast US tour, Yano made his debut as the band’s new drummer. That same year the band began performing in the UK.

Polysics signed to an independent record label, UK Project in 1999. They released 1st P that year and quickly followed it with A.D.S.R.M. The same year, Asian Man Records released their US Debut album, Hey! Bob! My Friend to rave reviews, but weak sales. In 2000, Polysics signed to Ki/oon Records/Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) and began touring outside Japan.

In 2003, after Neu was released on Asian Man Records in the United States to rave reviews and great sales, Polysics went to the US to tour. The band toured Europe and the US for the 2005. In 2006, with the release of Now Is The Time! they toured the US and the UK, supporting artists such as Graham Coxon and the Kaiser Chiefs.

Although Polysics don’t get much radio airtime, they are extremely popular throughout the world, having toured almost everywhere. Having conquered Japan's festival circuit, Polysics is one of the few Japanese artists that have also played festivals in South Korea, Spain, and France.

Polysics are one of the most prolific bands ever. They have released seven studio albums, plus EPs, live albums, DVDs and a best-of.



Polysics name comes from the Korg Polysix which was the first synthesizer owned by Hayashi. Now Is The Time! was produced by Andy Gill of the Gang of Four.

Yano found the fact that he looked similar to Devo's ex-drummer helped him win his audition.

Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo used a Polysics CD for his office phone system so that people on hold heard the tracks being played. Polysics performed the theme song for the American Jetix television show Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Polysics' track You-You-You is one of the opening themes for the anime Keroro Gunso.


  • Guitars/Vocals/Vocoder/Programming: Hiroyuki Hayashi
  • Synthesizers/Vocals/Vocoder: Kayo
  • Bass/Vocals/ Synthesizers: Fumi
  • Drums: Yano



  • Plus Chicker (1999)
  • Modern (1999)
  • 6-D (2000)
  • Lo-Bits (2002)
  • Kaja Goo (with Too Shy) / Black Out Fall Out (2004)
  • New Wave Jacket/My Sharona (2004)
  • I My Me Mine/Jhut-Wire (2006)


  • XCT (2000)
  • Each Life Each End (2000)
  • New Wave Jacket (2001)
  • Kaj Kaja Goo (2003)
  • Baby BIAS (2005)
  • Coelacanth Is Android (2005)
  • Electric Surfin' Go Go (2006)
  • You-You-You (2006)
  • Catch On Everywhere (2007)


  • Plus Chicker (7" vinyl 1999)


  • 1st P (1999)
  • A.D.S.R.M! (1999)
  • Live in Japan / 6-D (2-CD set, 2000)
  • Neu (2000)
  • Eno (2001)
  • Hey Bob! My Friend (2001)
  • Lo-Bits (2002)
  • For Young Electric Pop (2002)
  • Kaja Kaja Goo (2003)
  • National P (2003)
  • Polysics or Die!!!! (2004)
  • Now Is The Time! (2005)
  • Karate House (2007)

Compilation Appearances

  • Tokyo Newwave of Newwave '98 (1998)
  • Punch The Monkey! 2 (1999)
  • Sweets For My Spitz (1999)
  • Unknown Cover Album (1999)
  • YMO-Remixes Technopolis 2000-00 (2000)
  • Smash In La-Ppisch! 2 (2000)
  • Plea for Peace (2000)
  • Japan For Sale (2001)
  • Dencki Groove – The Last Supper (2001)
  • Japan For Sale Vol. 2 (2002)
  • J-Go Crazy (2002)
  • Mailorder for the Masses (2002)
  • Ichigo-Ichie Sweets for my SPITZ (2002)
  • Greatful Sound – Tribute to BECK (2002)
  • Japan Not for Sale (2003)
  • Japan For Sale Vol. 3 (2003)
  • ID:2 (Aikawa Nanase) (2003)
  • Good Covers After New Wave (2003)
  • Fine Time - A Tribute to New Wave (2004)
  • Japan For Sale Vol. 4 (2004)
  • SXSW The Best New Bandsa Show case 2005 (2005)
  • Ki/oon Records Overseas Compilation (2050)
  • Puffy – Hit and Fun (2006)

Videos and DVDs

  • Live At Newwave (1999)
  • B.G.V. (2000)
  • DVDVPVDVLIVE!! (2003)
  • PippikkippippiP In USA (2004)
  • Now is the live! (2006)

Solo Projects

  • Mitsuami Heroine (Kayo Solo EP, 2004)

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