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In 1993 Hasegawa Tadashi and Arimura Ryutaro formed the group, Plastic tree. Nakayama Akira joined soon after on guitar and Shin rounded out the group on drums. They went major in 1997 and have been releaseing a steady stream of singles and albums ever since. This ever evolving band is well known for its guitar driven music and charming vocals delivered by Ryutaro, a stark contrast to his often dark lyrics. Plastic Tree celebrated their tenth year major anniversary with several releases and a tour in 2007, which culminated with a beautiful performance at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. After fifteen years of making music together the group is still going strong and will hopefully continue making their mark on the music scene for years to come.





  • Cut ~Early Songs Best Selection~ - 2001
  • Single Collection - 2001; Re-Issued 2006
  • Premium Best - 2002
  • Best Album - Shiro ban - 2005
  • Best Album - Kuro ban - 2005
  • B-men gahou - 2007


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