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Pay money To my Pain (ペイ マネー トゥー マイ ペイン), also known as P.T.P., is a Japanese Hard-core/Screamo band. The band formed in 2005 after the breakup of vocalist K's previous band Gundog. K gathered new four members, and PTP was born. The band started recording their 1st EP "Drop of INK" with Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, System Of A Down, Deftones) as co-producer at WEED studio in California in May, 2006 and released it on December 6th that year on the record label Vap. All of the lyrics to the songs on the Drop of Ink EP are in English. PTP performed two shows in the US in the Fall of 2006 and a began a tour of Japan in early 2007.

Pay money To my Pain Members

  • Vocal: K
  • Guitar: PABLO
  • Guitar: JIN (left the band in 2008)
  • Bass: T$UYO$HI
  • Drums: ZAX

Pay money To my Pain Discography

  • Drop of INK [EP] (12/6/2006)
  • Another day comes (9/12/2007)
  • Writing in the diary [EP] (7/30/2008)

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