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Osaka Prefecture (大阪府) is a Japanese prefecture in the Kinki region of Honshu. The capital of Osaka Prefecture is Osaka, and much of the prefecture is part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area.



The Osaka Prefecture was formed in 1868 during the first year of the Meiji Era before the Han System was official abolished. In September of 1956, the city of Osaka was split into 24 wards when it was officially given the designation of city and expanded.


The prefecture of Osaka is bordered on the north by Hyogo Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture. To the east is Nara Prefecture and to the south is Wakayama Prefecture. The west holds Osaka Bay and the Yodo River and Yamato River flow from the mountains in the east to the bay.


Cities currently located in Osaka Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

The districts and towns currently located in Osaka Prefecture include:

Sources of Income

Osaka Prefecture’s income, as recently as 2004 was in excess of 38 trillion yen annually, second only to Tokyo in terms of GDP and almost 48% of the entire Kinki region.

The vast majority of the economic flow in Osaka Prefecture occurs in the City of Osaka itself, where major companies like Sharp and Matsushita are headquartered. Additionally, more than 330,000 small and medium sized businesses operated out of Osaka, with 65% of the total shipped product coming from these smaller businesses. Major industries in general within Osaka Prefecture include the likes of chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing of heavy machinery, electrical industry, housing, and food development.


Within Osaka Prefecture, transportation is largely centered in the City of Osaka with the Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport serving the region. Additionally, the Osaka Mass Transit system serves much of the Prefecture via railways and connects with major cities like Tokyo.

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