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Ome is an official city of Tokyo, Japan. With a reported population of 140,133 people living in the city as of 2003 the city now has a significantly higher count due to economic growth. These numbers have yet to be released however the census schedule is approaching soon. The approximate area of the city is 103km making Ome a relatively large city of Tokyo, Japan.

The best industry of Ome City is technology as they work to be the most advanced in the world. Being a leader in the technology field, the city is also appreciated for its citizens who have shown, through testing, to be much wiser than the average in Japan. This is perhaps the fuel of their industries.

History of Ome

The history of Ome can be traced back to the stone ages. It is believed that the land was valuable at that time due to the Tama River and evidence such as drainage basins have been uncovered to support the theory.

As for the documented history, the land of Ome was first officially referred to in the early [[1500]’s. It was a relatively small area used mainly for its water source until the early 1900’s.

Ome was finally officially established as a city of Tokyo, Japan in 1951. This decision followed WWII which essentially destroyed over half of the old traditional city.

Points of Interest

  • Inari Shrine The scene at the Inari Shrine is absolutely spectacular as it exhibits everything prized in the Japanese culture. The architecture of the building is modern yet traditional with vivid colors and bold lines. You may also enjoy the greenery which surrounds the Shrine.

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