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Nogawa Park is located in Mitaka City of Tokyo, Japan. The park is very large with an estimated area of 400,000m. Its size is so grand that it actually spans from Mitaka City to Koganei City.

There are two areas of Nogawa Park separated by a popular avenue of the city. The northern area of the park is more scenic offering a bird sanctuary and many beautifully cared for gardens with a lot of greenery representing a native Japanese style. The southern area of the park features play equipment for children and sport related facilities such as tennis courts. Both areas combined create a wonderful park filled with enough activities it is enjoyable for days.



Nogawa Park officially opened in 1980. Prior to the parks establishment it was a golf course owned by the International Christian University. The private course relocated and the ICU decided to gift the land to the Tokyo area. Thus, Nogawa Park was born.

Things to See

  • Nature Observation Center The Nature Observation Center of Nogawa Park allows guests to see what really takes place in nature, even getting scientific. Explainations for plants including how, why, and when they came into existence can be found throughout the center. This is also the main location of great events and workshops involving nature lectures.


Nogawa Park is accessible various ways including both subways and Tokyo rail lines. If traveling to the Shin-koganei Station or Tama Station it is an estimated 15 minute walk to the park.


Osawa 6-4-1, Mitaka city, Tokyo

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