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Nihonbashi is a district of the Chuo Ward in Tokyo, Japan. As of today the district has served as a large business development for the entire area of Tokyo.

The district is home to the famous Nihonbashi Bridge created in the Edo Period. This special bridge was created to serve as a main highway between zones at this time. Since the bridge was constructed the city has been considered a crucial key to the transportation systems of Japan. The bridge has been recently restored with fresh wood and secure fastenings. Tourists may visit the site and crossing is permitted at certain times.

Ever since the beginning of the lands use the district has been a flourishing and thriving business and commercial zone. Many contribute this to its bridge which made for easier access in the days of difficult transportation means. Many shopping companies have stationed their main stores in the district due to its great population among residents and tourists of Japan.

History of Nihonbashi

The district of Nihonbashi became extremely popular in the late 1800’s because of its famous Nihonbashi Bridge. In fact, it has been recorded as one of the earliest real shopping districts in all of Japan, something the residents are quite proud of.

In the early 1900’s the Nihonbashi Bridge was covered by a usable highway which currently stands in its place. This opened the district up to even more economic growth and popularity for its incredible shopping districts.

Points of Interest

  • Nihonbashi Bridge The Nihonbashi Bridge is still standing in its original spot only now sits beneath a large overpass. Tourists may walk across the bridge at this location and can view a remake of the structure at a museum near the site.

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