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Neighborhood Denim - often shortened to "Neighborhood" or "NBHD" - is a brand of Japanese clothing specializing in high quality denim products.

Neighborhood Denim is causing something of a stir on the denim scene. The style is very clean and relentless. Neighborhood Denim includes asymmetric back pockets, patches, snags and holes, contributing to the style of today. The company develops a wide variety of clothing ranging from pants, shoes and even motorcycle and car accessories.

Neighborhood Denim currently offers several styles of jeans such as boot-cut, loose-fit and slim-fit. The label's theme is to create "basic" garments suggesting certain lifestyles inspired by motorcycles, military and outdoor clothing. This company is also seen working hand in hand with some other famous company's like Supreme New York, Stussy, SVG Archives, Adidas and Skull Jeans.


This company was founded in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa. Takizawa created his company with motorcycles in mind and has a little hobby himself. Other than the clothes label he likes to take part in the World and European Championship of Custom Bike Building. In the 2006 championship he sported what he called the Crusader. The bike is a 2005 Nacht-Jaeger. The same year Shinsuke launched the brand, he opened the Neighborhood store on Cat Street in Harajuku. Due to the discreet nature of Neighborhood Denim there has been little published and no reports of a website being presented.

Supreme Collaboration

Neighborhood and Supreme have came together and developed a collection combining the two styles. This is to be released in December of 2006. The significance of the two companies coming together is that Neighborhood Denim will now be sold in Supreme stores worldwide.

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