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Aichi (愛知県) is located in central Japan, in the Chubu region on the island of Honshu. It adjoins four neighboring prefectures: Mie prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture and Gifu prefecture. Ise Bay on the Pacific Ocean creates its south and west boundaries. Much of the prefecture is mountainous forest. Nagoya (名古屋市) is its capital city, which - along with its suburbs - is a major industrial center.

The prefecture was name by the poet Takechi Kuroto, who composed the following poem written in Manyoshu Volume III: "A caw of crane leaves an echo in the field of Ayuchigata; I wonder if the crane came to pick up fish in the tideland." The pronounciation became Aichi, and this was adopted as the name of the county.

The prefecture office was established at Nagoya Castle at the center of Aichi county, so the name of Aichi was officially adopted.

Expo 2005 was held in Aichi.



Aichi is located in the temperate region of Japan. Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are mild; winters (December to February) are dry with clear skies. Summers (June to August) in Aichi can be quite humid and hot

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