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Nagi Noda was a Japanese director and art director born in Tokyo, Japan. Her work made her one of the most prominent young designers in Japan and was represented in everything from print advertising to book covers, Nike, and LaForet Harajuku.


Her Work

Noda worked extensively in commercials and won numerous prizes for that work, including short films such as “Fitness Video for being appraised as an EX-FAT GIRL”. Additionally, she shot numerous music videos for the likes of Scissor Sisters. Her personal production company Uchu Country was operated under Partizan, a world wide production company in which she represented Japanese design.

Her personal fashion label, Igan and Anan was launched with Nana Uehara and has since presented multiple times in Japan Fashion Week.


Noda was born as the daughter of two artists and was exposed early to multiple forms of art, having watched more than 100 different production works at the age of one, including stage acts, ballet, noh, and films. Her parents told her many different stories early as well, from mythologies as diverse as extraterrestrial life and the bible. She was dressed as a boy while young and was incredibly artistic at an early age, drawing and sculpting clay in elementary school.

Her work was notoriously hard to categorize into any one given category for various reasons, mainly due to the proliferance of her work into so many different genres.


Nagi Noda passed away on September 7, 2008 from complications of an accident that occurred last year. She had never fully recovered and had been in critical condition for much of the last year. Recovery was eventually not expected and she passed away in peace with her friends and family.

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