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Musashinonomori Park is located in Fuchu City of Tokyo, Japan. The general layout and design of the park takes advantage of its various natural elements such as a peaceful pond, natural hills, and tremendous amounts of open grass plains perfect for sports and free play.



The area now known as Musashinonomori Park has been through a long history and played many roles in the last 100 years. In 1941, the area functioned as Chofu Airport and was used as a public facility.

In 1945, the war ended and the airport was taken over the US. At this time it became a US military station and served as one of their many bases in Japan. It initially served the same purpose as the airport until the US finally converted the land, ridding it of its airport facilities.

1n 1974, the US turned the land back over to the Japanese governments. Within the next year it was then converted into a park which was soon opened to the public. Since, the park has grown to be a popular resting spot for residents of Fuchu City and abroad.

Things to See

  • View of Chofu Airport Standing at the top point of a hill located in Musashinonomori Park allows visitors to get a great view of Chofu Airport. Everything is visible as the hill point towers over the entire airport facility. This is an especially spectacular view at night.


Musashinonomori Park is accessible using the Seibu Tamagawa Line traveling to Tama Station. Once you have reached Tama Station the park is located approximately 5 minutes away.

Contact by Phone

Nogawa Park Service Center (0422-31-6457)

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