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Man of Moods (MofM or manofmoods) (マンオブムーズ) is a Japanese fashion brand founded in 2003. The company was created by designer Yuya Noguchi and director Masakazu Fukuyama. ManOfMoods clothing, which is manufactured in Japan, is cool with cutting edge fashion conscious Japanese youth. The brand is known for its high quality manufacturing as well as dark color pallet and lines often featuring tight fitting pants and tops.


Brand History

  • 2003 - Man Of Moods is founded by Noguchi & Fukuyama.
  • 2005 - Brand is based in Daikanyama area of Tokyo.
  • 2007 - ManOfMoods Workshop opens in Daikanyama.

About Man of Moods

When a Japanese fashionista thinks "Man of Moods", they immediately think of Yuya Noguchi's dark, rock star-esque, Hitchcock-inspired designs. Man of Moods (sometimes manofmoods with no spaces), or MofM as it's called for short, is a popular menswear label that's making waves in the fashion world. It all started with designer Yuya Noguchi and director Masakazu Fukuyama. Judging by how much coverage this brand receives in Men's Non-No, one of the top fashion magazines for men in Japan, it's one of the hottest brands out there right now.

The brand has gained popularity among Tokyo boys for a reason: the designs are flat-out hot. Tight pants made from dark shades of denim, leather boots and belts, along with knit stocking caps can turn any model into a rock star, and Man of Moods does just that. Their clothes are crafted from the finest materials and undergo intense scrutiny before hitting the racks at their Tokyo store.

Much of MofM's popularity is due to its designer, Yuya Noguchi, who crafts each design by himself. Many major clothing labels use more than one designer, but at Man of Moods Noguchi does every design.

There is no doubt that the prevailing colors Noguchi uses in his designs are black and grey. This gives his creations a darker look. Many of his designs look similar to what you would see being worn by popular Japanese rock bands like Glay or L'Arc~en~Ciel. There is also no doubt that Noguchi and Fukuyama's brand will continue to be popular among young Japanese men for quite some time to come.

Man of Moods Shops

Man of Moods clothing is available at various hip boutiques in Japan, including some B'2nd locations. The brand also has a flagship store in Daikanyama.

Man of Moods flagship shop address

  • MofM (Man of Moods) Workshop Daikanyama
  • 11-3 2F Daikanyama
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034
  • Phone: 03-6413-5338

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