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Koganei Park is located in Koganei City of Tokyo, Japan. It currently serves as a large area permitting all free of charge to a nice relaxing and exciting activities in a naturally beautiful setting.

There is plenty to see and do for everyone as the park has plenty of area for free-play, a large children’s playground and area, numerous tennis courts, jogging trails, forestry, and a nice Japanese style garden. Whether you are looking to get some exercise or needing to relax, Koganei Park can keep you busy for hours.



Koganei Park came into existence during the 1700’s. A ruler of that time became very concerned about the lack of greenery in the area and demanded that trees be planted throughout what is now known as Koganei Park. This order was followed and hundreds of trees were planted creating a large amount of natural greenery in the city.

In the early to mid 1900’s Koganei Park underwent many changes as it began developing modern day park luxuries such as bird sanctuaries, biking trails, jogging and walking paths, and other fun features.

Things to See

  • Plum Trees A Plum Festival is held in Koganei Park every year to celebrate the plum trees of the park. Well over 100 plum trees, which are said to be more than 50 years old, are scattered throughout the park. These plums are important in the cities culture and have been cherished throughout history as well.
  • Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum Located in the Koganei Park, this museum shows many exhibits which represent the history of Japanese culture in architecture. To truly capture the styles, the actual houses have been moved to the location and then professionally restored to look exactly as they did the day they were originally constructed, hundreds of years ago.


Koganei Park is accessible using the JR Chuo Line reaching the bus stops. Currently, the park is located in front of the Koganei Koen Nishiguchi Bus stop and Koganei [Koen] Mae Bus stop.


1-13-1 Sekino-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo

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