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Iwate Prefecture (岩手県) is a Japanese prefecture in Tohoku located on Honshu. The capital of Iwate Prefecture is Morioka.



The current prefecture of Iwate was at one time known as the Mutsu Province, and was originally brought into the Japanese nation during the Nara period in 800. During the Jomon Period, the region was known for its fishing and hunting. Up to the end of the 8th Century native populations of Emishi were still living in Iwate before Fort Shiwa was built by the Nara government. Iwate Prefecture was formed in 1871 when the Meiji Restoration abolished the Han System.


To the east, Iwate Prefecture is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. To the north, Aomori Prefecture lines Iwate, and Akita Prefecture sits on the west. The southern border is shared with Miyagi Prefecture. Iwate is home to numerous mountains located in the west, east, and north sections with the Kitakami River Valley running north to south in the middle of the prefecture.


The following cities can be found in Iwate Prefecture:

Districts and Towns

The districts and towns located in Iwate Prefecture include:

Sources of Income

Iwate Prefecture’s primary income sources are largely focused around the city of Morioka with communications and semiconductor industries in the area.


Iwate Prefecture’s numerous well know attractions include multiple Buddhist temples such as Chuson-ji, as well as other sites including:

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