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Akita Prefecture (秋田県) is located in the Tohoku region on the island of Honshu. Akita is its capital. Today the population is an estimated 336,250 since being combined with two other close towns called Kawabe and Yuwa in January 2005.

Some of the greatest industries of Akita are the oil, wood working, metal working, and silk production. Many of the largest companies in these industries are producing enough to be imported in to countries all over the world. Today the oil fields are generating the greatest amount of money for the Akita area.

Major Cities

Points of Interest

  • Lake Tazawa is 423.4 meters deep, making it the deepest lake in Japan.
  • The tallest virgin cedar tree - 58 meters tall and 250 years old virgin - stands in a protected forest in Nibuna Mizusawa.
  • Tsuzureko Drum Festival
  • Korakukan is Japan's oldest unaltered drama theater.
  • Tamagawa hot springs in Hachimantai
  • Akita butterbur grows in this area. The plant's stalk is over 1.5 meters long and its leaves are over a meter wide.
  • Odate Jukai Dome is 78 meters long and 157 meters wide with a height of 52 meters.
  • Mt. Taihei Resort is today one of the most popular traveling destinations in Japan. With many activities, Mt. Taihei Resort is open year round featuring ski packages, tennis courts, traditional river fishing.

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