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Ikebukuro Station (池袋駅) is a Tokyo Subway station located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo within the Ikebukuro district. This station sees more than 2.7 million passengers through every weekday, making the second busiest in the world after nearby Shinjuku Station. The majority of its passengers are Saitama commuters and residential commuters from Northwest of the city.


Lines and Service

Currently, Ikebukuro Station provides service through four companies to eight lines in its terminal. These lines include:


The layout of Ikebukuro Station includes two entrances, one on the west and one on the east. The JR lines all run from north to south in the center of the station while the Tobu platforms are northwest and Seibu platforms are southeast. Both of these companies have their own department stores operating directly next to the terminals.

Tokyo Metro’s lines are separated with Yurkakochi and Marunouchi Lines running east and west on the second underground floor while the Fukuoshin line is four stories underground.


Originally opened on April 1, 1903, Ikebukuro Station was owned and operated by the National Railway and was part of the Yamanote Line. Following the opening of the Tojo Railway Line, the station and its surrounding neighborhood grew rapidly in 1914, with a second boom in 1915 following the opening of the Musashino Railway. It has continued to grow since as a major hub in the midst of Tokyo.

Nearby Stations

There are multiple nearby stations close to Ikebukuro Station, including the following directly adjacent along each of the 8 lines:

  • Yamanote Line – Mejiro Station, Otsuka Station
  • Shonan-Shinjuku Line – Akabane Station, Shinjuku Station
  • Saikyo Line – Itabashi Station, Shinjuku Station
  • Ikebukuro Line – Shiinamachi Station, Nerima Station, Oizumi-gakuen Station, Shakujii-koen Station, Tokorozawa Station
  • Tojo Line – Kita-Ikebukuro Station, Narimasu Station, Wakoshi Station, Fujimino Station
  • Marunouchi Line – Shin-Otsuka Station
  • Yurakucho Line – Kanemecho Station, Higashi-Ikebukuro Station, Kotake-Mukaihara Station
  • Fukutoshin Line – Kanamecho Station, Zoshigaya Station, Shinjuku-sanchome Station, Kotake-Mukaihara Station

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