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hide, the guitarist of X JAPAN, was one of the most recognisable figures in Japanese pop culture. His signature pink hair (hence the nickname Pink Spider) and unique voice made his solo career almost as successful as X JAPAN. He was born Hideto Matsumoto on December 13th, 1963. His career as a jrock/ visual kei musician spanned eighteen years and he was actively working up until his death on May 2nd, 1998. hide's death was officially declared a suicide when he was found strangled to death by a towel hanging from a doorknob in his home. His death came as a shock to friends, fans, and fellow jrock musicians alike.



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Interesting Facts

  • hide was a trained cosmotologist and was going to give up music and become a hairstylist until Yoshiki called him and asked him to join X JAPAN. While in the band he was known for his unique fashions and crazy hairstyles.
  • A terminally ill girl asked the Make a Wish Foundation to meet hide and he granted her dying wish.
  • After his death, a collection of his songs performed by other jrock bands such as Oblivion Dust, BUCK-TICK, and GLAY was released as a tribute album entitled Spirits.
  • Much of hide's music was influenced by the American band KISS.

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