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Hi-Standard was a punk revival band formed in 1991 by Ken Yokoyama, Akihiro Nanba and Akira Tsuneoka. Their eclectic and melodic approach to songwriting has gained them a huge following the world over. Hi-Standard mixes catchy melodies with speed and energy. They have a sound totally of their own and their influences are wide ranging. Hi-Standard have done a number of punk covers of American 1970s and 80s hits.

The band made a name for itself in 1992 when they released Growing Up on Toy's Factory Records. Fat Wreck Chords owner Fat Mike licensed the album to his own label for sale in America. The band toured heavily in promotion and released a string of singles, including one split single with fellow Fat recording artists WIZO. In 1997, Hi-Standard released Angry Fist, their second full-length album. Much of 1997 and 1998 was spent touring America with NOFX and Jersey. In early 1999, they produced their third album, Making the Road, and two years later released the EP Love Is a Battlefield.

Making the Road sparked sold out Japanese shows and US and European tours with punk bands such as NOFX, WIZO, and No Use for a Name.

In 2000, Yokoyama began working on other projects, including BBQ Chickens and Ken Band.


  • Vocals/Guitar: Ken Yokoyama
  • Vocals/Bass: Akihiro Nanba
  • Drums: Akira Tsuneoka


  • Growing Up (1996)
  • Angry Fist (1997)
  • Making the Road (1999)
  • Love Is a Battlefield (EP) (2001)
  • Last of Sunny Day (2000)
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