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Fukui Prefecture is a Japanese prefecture located in Chubu on Honshu Island. The capital of Fukui Prefecture is Fukui City.



Fukui Prefecture was originally comprised of two provinces – the Wakasa and Echizen. These provinces were consolidated into the single prefecture of Fukui in 1871 during the height of the Meiji Restoration.


The Fukui Prefecture region faces the Sea of Japan and has a single narrow plain between the sea and the mountains of the region on the west. The east side is home to the majority of the population as well as the capital and a wider plains area.


Cities located in Fukui Prefecture include the following:

Districts and Towns

The prefecture is broken up into numerous districts with smaller towns including:

Sources of Income

Sources of income in Fukui Prefecture are not largely distributed to single industries. Sabae city is well known for its optical industry and Tsuruga City is known for its Nuclear Power supply for Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto, but otherwise, most industry is evenly distributed in service and agriculture.


Within Fukui Prefecture, there are multiple historical sites of interest including the Maruoka Castle, built in 1572 and the oldest still standing castle in Japan. In addition, Eihei-ji, a temple for Buddhist monks, was founded by Dogen Zenji in 1244 here. The Fukui Dinosaur Museum is located here as well, home to multiple specimens extracted in the area.

Additionally, Fukui Prefecture is well known for its outdoor attractions, and year round natural points of interest. These include the Asuwa River in the spring with its cherry blossoms, the island of Mizushima in the summer with its beach goers, Kuzuryu Lake in the fall with its foliage, and the Echizen shoreline with its daffodils in the winter time.

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