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East End X Yuri was a short collaboration between the Japanese hip hop group East End and the singer Yuri.

Gaku and Yoggy had been friends since school where they used to enter rap contests and both knew ROCK-Tee. East End's first live performance was in 1990 at an event called Peace Ball. Although they continued to do well, East End gained little mainstream attention. In 1994, the groups had a break with their pop-rap single da.yo.ne. with guest artist YURI. Although sales were initially slow, in early 1995, the single became the first million selling hip hop single in Japan.

Several versions of this song were recorded as West End X Yuki, North End X Mai and so on, which included local versions of the phrase turned into so.ya.na and da.cha.ne respectively. The song contains a sample of Turn Your Love Around by George Benson.

Although they continue to release singles, they have failed to recreate their earlier success and are now viewed as a one hit wonder.


  • MC: Gaku
  • DJ: ROCK-Tee a DJ
  • DJ: Yoggy, another DJ



  • da.yo.ne.
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