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Deathgaze (デスゲイズ) is a Japanese Visual Kei band that plays music with a heavy rock sound and metal inspired tunes. Their sense of melody and their heavy sound appeal to not only the usual VK fans, but also to some western rock music fans and male rock fans.

The band was originally formed in 2003 by Hazuki, Naoto, Ai and Naoki. The vocalist Hazuki left the band in 2004 to form his own band named Lynch and was replaced by Sou. Sou also left the band in 2006. Deathgaze are finally back to the scene after a hiatus in 2008. Their main composer and bassist, Ai has taken over as vocalist now. Kosuke joined the band as the new bassist. As a first step, new singles were released for three consecutive months. They also released a new limited single called "abyss" which was followed by a tour of Japan.


Deathgaze Members

  • Vocal: Ai (藍)
  • Guitar: Naoto (直人)
  • Bass: Kosuke (孝介)
  • Drums: Naoki (直樹)

Deathgaze Discography


  • 294036224052 (2/22/2004)
  • CHAOS ケイオス (2/5/2005)
  • CHAOS ケイオス-Vol. 2- (6/15/2005)
  • DOWNER (11/11/2005)
  • 腐敗と腐生 (Fuhai to Fusei) (4/1/2006)
  • insult kiss me (1/23/2008)
  • DEAREST (2/20/2008)
  • I'm broken baby (3/19/2008)


  • genocide and mass murder (7/12/2006)

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