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DJ Ozma is a Japanese pop (JPop) singer, widely rumored to be the alter ego of Kishidan singer Show Ayanokoji. He first came to prominence in early 2006 when he appeareded on Pop Jam and other NHK programmes. DJ Ozma is notorious for his performance at the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen on New Years Eve 2006, where his dancers stripped to reveal photo-realistic body suits. The dancers wore bikinis during rehearsals and NHK supposedly had no knowledge of the new costumes until the actual performance, broadcast live on Japanese television. Numerous complaints were received by the station and a public apology was offered.


DJ Ozma Discography

DJ Ozma Singles

  • Age Age Every Knight (2006)
  • Sunjon (2007)
  • One Night (2006)

DJ Ozma Albums

  • Party People (2006)

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