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Cigaretteman was a Japanese punk band formed in 1993 and active until at least 2000. Cigaretteman had two singers, Chikako and Hiroaki, thus many songs featured both male and female vocals, giving them a distinct sound. The band was often compared to punk bands like Jawbreaker and Tilt. Even though the vocalists are both Japanese, many of their songs feature English lyrics. The band was known in the American pop-punk scene for releasing several split singles with American punk bands, including Discount and John Cougar Concentration Camp.

In 2005, the release of a best of CD titled "The Very Best of Cigaretteman" was announced. The best of record was to include 19 tracks spanning the entire career of the band. The release date for the CD was supposed to be early 2006, but the date came and went and the CD was not released. The current status of the best of CD is unknown.


Cigaretteman Members

  • Chikako - Vocals / Guitar
  • Hiroaki Uozumi - Vocals / Guitar
  • Seiji - Bass
  • Hiroyuki - Drums

Cigaretteman Discography

Cigaretteman Albums

Cigaretteman Singles

  • Hiding 7" Single - Skippy Records (1995)
  • Cigaretteman/JCCC Split 7" Single (1997)
  • Cigaretteman/Discount Split 7" Single - Snuffy Smile Records (1997)
  • Girl 7" Single - Snuffy Smile Records (2000)

Cigaretteman Compilations

  • Punk Rock Super Heros CD - Skippy Records
  • Short Story CD - Skippy Records
  • Ultimate Slow Beats CD - Snuffy Smile Records
  • Bullshit Detector CD - Snuffy Smile Records
  • Not Superstitious 7" - Snuffy Smile Records
  • Who Killed Weasel 7" - Skippy Records
  • Chukyo Compilation 12" - Answer
  • Raw2 Video Compilation 1998-1999 - M's Theater

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