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Bonobos was formed in 2001 by vocalist/guitarist Sai. Soon after, Nacchan, Kojiro, and Tsuji joined the band which slowly but surely all came together. They held rehearsal at wansk studio in Osaka's Tanimachi district. There, they met Matsui, who then joined the band as its drummer. They completed a demo tape which they released at their live performances. Their popularity grew among students in the Kansai area (the western part of Japan including Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara). Soon they were touring and opening with popular bands. In 2003 they were given a recording contract with Dreammusic and their first single, moujiki fuyu ga kuru, was playing on radio stations across Japan. It was a hit and the band has been rocking the Japanese charts ever since.


Band Members

  • Sai (Sai Chinho) (Vocals and Guitar)
  • Kojiro (Sasaki Yasayuki) (Guitar)
  • Tsuji (Tsuji Bondo) (Drums)
  • Nacchan (Morimoto Natsuko) (Bass)
  • Matsui (Matsui Izumi) (Percussion)

Album Discography

Single Discography

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