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Beat Crusaders is an indie punk band from Japan whose style and lyrics can truly be called unique. Their lyrics are almost entirely written in Engrish, the often-grammatical-incorrect Japanese brand of English that makes little sense to native speakers. When they make appearances, the members' faces are covered by pixelated drawings of their faces. The band was started in 1997 by Toru Hidaka, though the band's original members aside from Hidaka left in 2003 and were replaced. Soon after they made the transition from indie to major with their record contract with DefStar Records. Their fun pop-punk act soon gained popularity in Japan's indie scene, and later on they were recognized by major record labels. Their music can be heard in the United States on the Nicktoon Network's animated series Kappa Mikey for which Beat Crusaders lended their talents for the show's theme song Hey x2 Look x2.


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