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'Atsuki Onishi is a Japanese Lolita clothing and bag designer. The company, operated under the Senzo line of companies has become well known for its “Alice by Atsuki Onishi” line of bags and clothing that utilizes the “British nostalgic image of a girl’s room”.



Before starting in fashion, Atsuki Onishi attended the Bantandezain Institute before joining Kyatorusezon in 1978. After having a great deal of success with her first collection, “Tokyo Principle”, Atsuki Onishi started her own line in 1983, quickly followed by the first collection “Atsuki Onishi knit the Books” in 1985. In 1986, she presented for the first time in the A/W Collection with “Teddy Bear” and produced uniforms for the International Sports Fair.

After spending a number of years in London, Onishi returned to Tokyo and started the Men’s brand “Rupert” in 1994. In 1996, the “Alice by Atsuki Onishi” collection was started and today the brand, still operating under Senzo produces collections for three separate lines twice a year.

Atsuki Onishi Products

The range of products produced by Atsuki Onishi has grown since the label’s inception in the 1980s to include corsages, teddy bears, handkerchiefs, bags, and sweatshirts. Additional products include everything from corsets to lace dresses though much of the brand’s focus is on accessories. Considered largely to be categorized in the “sweet Lolita” genre of the style, Atsuki Onishi’s designs are often combinations of modern and Victorian era aesthetics.

Shop Locations

Atsuki Onishi products are sold in multiple department stores across Japan including Senzo’s main store locations in Nagoya and Tokyo as well as multiple third party locations. Many of the bags and accessories produced by the company are available through online retailers as well such as Amazon, iToyokado, and Auction Sites run by Senzo.

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