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The five member band Antic Café (also known as Antique Café or An Café) was formed in 2003 and are signed to the independent label Loop Ash. The band originated when Miku made contact with Kanon and Bou through an advertisement he had placed on an Internet message board saying that he was looking for a visual kei guitar player.

A typical oshare kei band, Antic Cafe wear colorful clothing and sport androgynous appearances.Their material ranges from fast rock songs with screaming vocals and catchy choruses to more upbeat love songs. All of the band members are in their early to mid twenties, and are as popular for their fashion as their music, with numerous fans cosplaying as their favorite members. The band use Donald Duck as their mascot. Bou often wears women’s clothes and has long, blond hair tied in ribbons. Miku is known for his Donald Duck impressions and large vocal range.

Their first demo Ope.Ning was released in June 2003, followed by a second, Uzumaki Senshokutai a month later.. Shortly afterward, Teruki joined as the band’s drummer. The band found successs with their big selling debut single Candy Holic in 2004.

Three albums and a number of singles followed until Bou announced that he was leaving in April 2007. The following month, the band’s website announced two new members - Yuuki on keyboards and Takuya as Bou's replacement.

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