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Ami Suzuki was born in February of 1982 in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. When she was in high school, she decided to audition for a talent show called Asayan, which was looking for young girls who could sing. Whoever won the competition would get a recording contract with Sony Entertainment. Ami was only 15 years old but managed to win the competition. True to the word, Sony signed Ami and she began recording music. Her first song was Love the Island, which became the theme song for Guam Island Campaign Summer ’98, a tourism gimmick to get more tourists into Japan and Guam.

Because of the song, Ami started appearing on magazine covers and promoting Guam itself. The song debuted at number 5. Her second song, Alone in my Room, was also chosen to be used for the Guam campaign and debuted at number 3. She began promoting a number of different products in Japan and her songs became the background music for those same products.

Ami’s career sailed on until 2000, when Eiji Yamada, the president of the production company that Ami used, was convicted of tax evasion. Because of this, Ami’s parents chose to sue the company, AG Communication, in order to terminate her contract. Because of this, however, Ami was “blacklisted”. In Japan, when an artist gets into a legal dispute with their production company, they are considered to be on the black list and no one wants to hire them. Between 2001 and 2004, Ami tried to make it independently. Her fans rallied for her, but she did not do that well.

In 2005, however, she was spotted by Avex Trax singing at the festival of her school. Max Matsuura chose to sign her to Avex and she began to become a star again. She began releasing more music and started acting, as well.



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  • Released 2007

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