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Alfredo Bannister is a Japanese fashion brand that specializes in men’s shoes. Well known for its high quality, Italian inspired designs, Alfredo Bannister has become a top producer of men’s shoes in Tokyo and around the world.



Alfredo Bannister can trace its history back to 1978 when the founding company, ABAHOUSE was launched. In 1986, the brand that would produce Alfredo Bannister Shoes was added to the company and the original shoe line was officially launched in 1992 under Alfredo Bannister.


The designs used by Alfredo Bannister consist of largely contemporary, edgy designs that combine stylishness that is well known throughout the world with modern touches. Japanese leather is used for every shoe and with a women’s collection that was added in the 1990s, the brand caters to every type of customer.

The most recent designs by Afredo Bannister have attempted to bring in more of the modern street inspired designs that have been pushing the shoe design niche of the fashion industry to new heights in Japan in recent years. The result is a mixed line (though new designs are separated most often) of classically inspired, high quality shoes, and modern twists on those classical designs.

Shop Locations

Alfredo Bannister can be found throughout Tokyo as well as in London and Paris with a new shop soon to open in New York. The Flagship Store location is currently in Laforet Harajuku at:

  • 1-11-6 Jingumaei, Shibuya-ku
  • Tokyo 115-0001

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