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Akishima (昭島) is a city located in the Tama area of Tokyo, Japan. Along with the midstream west shore of Tama River, a large shopping district and business district is around Akishima station (JR-Oume Line) in the mid-northen part of Akishima city.

Between the end of Meiji era and Taisho era sericulture was major industry of Akishima.

Showa-cho (town) and Ojima-Mura (village) merged and became 7th Tokyo –Shi (city)in May 1995. Especially around Showa mid-era, Akishima invited manufacturing factories and built many housing apartment-type complexes that created more population and development of industry. Because of that, Akishima became one of the biggest suburb areas in Tokyo.

As of 2006, the city has an estimated population of 112,023 and the density of 6,314.31 persons per km². The total area is 17.33 km².


During the end of Meiji era to early Showa era, filatures started operation in this area, mulberries were planted in the whole city area in Taisho era. Around this era, sericulture business was most prospered in that time, but during Showa era, silk thread prices suddenly crashed. Therefore, sericulturist decreased. Almost all Sericulturist stopped doing business.


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