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Akira Onozuka is a Japanese fashion designer and founder of the Zukka Brand. His work, bets known for combining functionality with modern design has been used in many different forms, from school and work uniforms to edgy fashion shows at the Tokyo Collection and Japan Fashion Week.



Prior to founding Zukka in 1988, Akira Onozuka worked with famed Japanese fashion pioneer, Issey Miyake, honing his craft and preparing to start his own label. After starting his own label, he made his international debut in 1989 in the Paris Collection and opened his first international store in 1994, also in Paris. His work has been widely recognized as a cornerstone of Japanese fashion and his own protégés, such as Naoaki Mizuno have gone on to their own international acclaim.

Clothing Style

Akira Onozuka is well known for his innovation, utilizing simple casual wear designs, but adding to them a series of edgy additions that have made the brand popular with numerous demographics and an international audience. His most recent collections have ventured into the realm of the modern, flared fashions that have made many young designers famous, however he strives to maintain his classic style as much as possible.

Where to Buy

Zukka can be purchased from many stores located in Tokyo as well as international boutiques located in cities like Paris, London, New York, and Milan.

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