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9mm Parabellum Bullet is a Japanese rock band. The band was originally formed by Sugawara Takuro (guitar/vocals), Taki Yoshimitsu (guitar) and Kamijo Chihiro (drums) in Yokahoma. They were joined by Nakamura Kazuhiko (bass) in March 2004. Their style varies from fast rock to more danceable new-wave inspired tunes.

Their first release was the EP "Talking Machine" in October 2004. The band then signed to Zankyo Records and released the short album Gjallarhorn, which contained three re-recorded versions of the four tracks from their EP along with three new tracks.

Phantomime, their second mini-album, was released September 2006. This album was packaged with a DVD featuring videos of the songs (teenage) Disaster and Talking Machine.

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