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SkyMark Airlines is a Japanese airline based out of Tokyo, Japan. The company operates regular passenger services throughout Japan’s many regional flights as well as internationally to Seoul, South Korea. It’s hub airport is Tokyo International Airport at Haneda.



SkyMark Airlines was founded in 1996 and began regular operations on September 19, 1998 providing regular domestic service in Japan following the deregulation of the Japanese airline industry. The major shareholders of the company currently include Shinichi Nishikubo, the President of Skymark Airlines, and H.I.S. Still well behind industry leaders Japan Air Lines and All Nippon Airways, Skymark has managed to carve out a significant portion of domestic flights since 1998 by building a reputation for lower priced flights.

Routes and Service

Skymark Airlines provides service between Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport and the following cities:

Additionally, the airline provides service between Kobe and Okinawa in the summer and start providing service to Nagoya in the summer of 2008. Additional routes are currently being discussed with four additional routes to northern Japan being considered for as early as 2009 and 2010.


The Skymark fleet consists of 4 Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and 8 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The 767 planes, which seat 309 passengers are used to provide service to the Fukuoka route as well as the Kagoshima Route. The 767 fleet of planes for Skymark will be replaced by new 737 airplanes by 2010 with 10 total 737s in the airline’s fleet. The old planes will be retired from flight due to ongoing concerns over fuel costs and safety risks that come with the large planes in their fleet.

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